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Best Web Hosting Providers in India 2020

In this article, we will give you a complete overview of best Hosting Service Providers in India in 2020. Just make sure you read the article until the end.

What is a web hosting?

"A web hosting is a service that allows space to the organizations and individuals to post a website or a web page on the internet."

Just like you have Elmira and covers to store your stuff, similarly your website also needs a place to store all the files and the folders. A website is nothing but a directory of files and various folders that are rendered through a server or a particular domain name.

So, whenever you're thinking of starting a blog, you need two things: first is a domain name, and second is a website hosting. Hosting comes in different varieties so there's a shared web hosting, cloud hosting and there is dedicated hosting. So let me explain each of them to you.

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that allows multiple websites to share a physical web server and its resources among the hosted websites. So whenever you are buying a web hosting, you're actually buying the space of the various servers. There are various companies that sell web hosting like SiteGround, Hostinger, GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator.

These companies have massive servers so you are actually paying a monthly fee for some space on these servers. Because taking the entire server will be really expensive, so shared web hosting is a solution for people to start their blog at a very cheap price by taking a small part of the server.

So by introducing this concept of shared hosting, multiple websites can then be in the same server. And also shared hosting is the cheapest option. So to understand this clearly, let's take an example.

Let's assume you are looking for a flat and you've seen this flat which is really amazing and it has three rooms. But your requirement is only for one room. So you don't want to pay for the entire flat, when you only need one room, right?

The solution is that, three people can take one room each, so that each person does not have to pay the entire amount of the flat. Rather, just one third of the entire rent. That's how shared web hosting works. "A server has multiple websites and they pay a small fee just to have some part of the server usage." Shared hosting price will be approximately $3 to $4 per month.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. In cloud hosting your files are hosted in a cloud server. It is used by established websites that are driving a massive traffic and it is costly as well. so startup people or people who are just starting up with blogging, they should not consider it. The price of Cloud hosting will be approximately $120 per month.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is for the extremely popular websites that are driving millions of people on a monthly basis. And they need that kind of server resources, so this is when dedicated hosting comes into play. Instead of sharing the server with multiple websites, you own the entire server, So you own all the resources.

And also dedicated hosting is quite complex. You will need to hire a server person who will be handling the entire server. But dedicated hosting are extremely fast and can handle enormous traffic just because you are not sharing the space with anyone else.

Websites like,, or even very big popular websites which are driving multi-million people per month. They need to go for dedicated hosting.

Types of Hosting Services

So these are the three types of hosting. Now let's talk about free hosting. Especially in India, "free" is something that is really preferred. And people think "why pay for hosting when you can everything for free?"

But you have to understand one thing that nothing good is free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist, but they have their limitations, they have drawbacks and honestly, they are not worth it. Because these free web hosting providers have limited server resources, they have unstable performances. That means your website will go blank or will give 404 error even with small traffic. And the worst part is there will be no technical support.

The good thing about paid hostings are that you get unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth with any email account. And also there's a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the hosting you can directly call the company and they will refund you your money. And the most important reason for going for a paid blog hosting is the experienced support staff.

Best Hosting Providers in India

The following are the top 5 best Hosting Providers in India in 2020. They are:

1. SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers as well as email hosting and domain registration. It is crafted for top speed, unmatched security, 24/7 fast and expert support.


  • Easiest
  • Recommended by wordpress
  • Good Prices
  • Reliable
  • Fast and good customer support
  • Free ssl certificate


  • Mid Priced
  • Upload Limits

2. BlueHost

Bluehost is among the most reliable web hosting company. It provides a lot of good security options by default, including the free SSL certificate for each plan like we mentioned earlier.


  • Recommended by wordpress
  • Most Popular
  • Trusted Hosting


  • Over Priced
  • Upload Limits

3. Hostinger

Hostinger, is a web hosting provider and internet domain registrar. It has over 29 million users, collectively with its subsidiaries in 178 countries. the corporate use cloud web hosting technology and provides hosting with MySQL, FTP and PHP.


  • Cheapest price available
  • Great web hosting performance
  • Amazing web hosting Features


  • Cheapest price only with long billing period
  • No phone Support

4. HostGator

HostGator is a provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated web hosting. Businesses of all sizes and shapes frequently make use of HostGator's affordable, but still powerful shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting services.


  • Tons of Features
  • Stable serveer performance
  • Support any type of website


  • Expensive Renewals
  • A couple of downtimes

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a web hosting service provider. It provides domain registrar services as well. GoDaddy spend their money to advertise their product.


  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Enhacing performance


  • Poor Uptime
  • Not Reliable
  • Over Priced
  • Not High Quality
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